The Beauty of Atlanta: 5 Iconic Sights to Hit Your Eyes

Atlanta: Midtown morning rush (EXPLORED)

(photo by Steve Grundy)

Atlanta is a very interesting American destination. In terms of attractions, it definitely has something to offer its visitors. The city has a rich history because the main events of the civil war between the north and the south were held there. Nowadays, Atlanta is the most modern metropolis, which never ceases to grow and develop at a gigantic pace.

Atlanta is literally teeming with amazing iconic objects that are considered to be the samples of world architecture.The city’s major sights include the Georgia State Capitol, the Civil War Museum, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta History Center, and Rhodes Hall. These places of interest attract to Atlanta thousands of tourists from all over the world. So, let’s take acloser look at them…

The Georgia State Capitol

This gorgeous complex was built on the site of the town hall in 1889.It’s interesting to know that the Capitol Building in Atlanta is very similar to the Capitol in Washington. The government residence was equipped with elevators, which was an ultra-modern innovation at that time. The height of the building is 83 meters, and its golden dome is decorated with a small statue of Liberty. The Georgia State Capitol covers the huge area which includes a beautiful garden. By the way, there’s also a spacious parking for those visitors who travel by car rental in Atlanta.

Georgia State Capitol, Atlanta, Georgia

On the fourth floor of the residence you’ll find a museum of the city’s and state’s history, which demonstrates objects of life of Indian tribes – clothing, weapons and decorations. It also has several art galleries. Nearby, in the park, you can see a president monument to Jimmy Carter, who lived in Atlanta. Since 1973, the Capitol building has been officially a historic heritage to the United States.


Atlanta Civil War Museum

The Civil War Museum in Atlanta retained historical information about the attack of the troops of the North on the city in 1864. The events of the terrible fire, human grief, and the staunch resistance of the defenders of the city are presented in paintings, photographs, artifacts of the times of the Civil War.

Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum

(photo by michchap)

The writer Margaret Mitchell told about these events in her novel called Gone with the Wind. The writer herself was a resident of the city and her house is still preserved. In the museum, visitors can see a rotating cylindrical panoramic picture measuring 120x14meters. It was created by John Logan who witnessed those dramatic events. The idea was realized in 1886 by German artists and architects. In 1936, a diorama of the events of the war appeared in the museum, and now it’s even possible to watch short themedmovies there.


Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a big house for two sports projects. This is a home arena for Atlanta United playing the MLS as well as Atlanta Falcons from the NFL.

The main feature of the stadium is that it can be transformed very quickly: in American football, the capacity will be 71 thousand people, and for the traditional soccer match the upper tier of the stands will be closed with mechanical curtains, and the number of seats will be reduced to 40 thousand.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium - August 15, 2017

(photo by Ai Kagou)

But Mercedes-Benz Stadium has the whole set of advantages that make it just great. Under the roof of the stadium there is a huge 360-degree halo screen, which can be seen by fans in any places. As reported by the manufacturer Daktronics, this is definitely the largest screen inside a sports facility in the world, and its area is almost 63 thousand square feet.

Another feature of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the sliding roof. It consists of 8 separate parts, each of the 8 segments moving along its own trajectory, with an individual speed. The final cost of the stadium is 1.6 billion dollars.


Atlanta History Center

Atlanta History Center is a territory of about 20 hectares, where you can find historical objects and museum pavilions associated with the history of the city.

In order to get acquainted with the life of locals, you must visit the “House of Swans”, where the Inman family lived. The owner built a villa in 1928 – this is a luxurious lodging, surrounded by a park with fountains and flower beds. By the way, wedding ceremonies currently take place in this charming palace.

The Swan House, Atlanta History Center

(photo by theunquietlibrarian)

Also, in the pavilions there is an exhibition devoted to 1996 Olympic Games, in which there are many exclusive items: a full set of medals, athletic shoes, souvenirs and a podium.


Rhodes Hall

Rhodes Hall is the private home of a wealthy businessman Amos Giles Rhodes. Rhodes dreamed of building a residence to amaze the contemporaries. He invited an architect who was able to build a unique villa in 1904. The architect used medieval motifs and decorations of the Victorian era in the design of the residence. The interior was filled with mahogany furnishing, colorful stained glass windows, frescoes, and patterned parquet floors.

Rhodes Hall / Atlanta

(photo by Mark Denton)

When the owners of the villa died, the children bequeathed it to the city for historical use, but for many decades the building was just the place for storing archives. In 1983, Rhodes Hall was restored and listed as historical monuments. Now it can be rented for weddings, birthdays, and special occasions.